Beinn Nibheis is the first technical outdoor sports shop created for, owned and run by women.   

Born in the outdoor capital of the UK Fort William we believe in all women nailing it in the outdoors.   

The technical market for women’s outdoor-wear has been lagging behind. Working to create a diverse space in outdoor wear we work with brands to encourage them to widen their ranges of women’s clothing and to create an all round technical shop where women can buy female focused kit.   

We have also been working to create our own new line of technical outdoor wear inspired by the Scottish Highlands to encourage all women to get involved in the outdoors.  

Founded in the Highlands by a Gaelic speaker we are deeply engaged with the Gaelic culture and it’s links to the landscape.   

Beinn Nibheis (originally Bean-Nibheis- meaning Nevis Women) now named after Britain’s highest peak and Fort Williams (An Gearasdan) local landmark spelled correctly. Taking our inspiration from some of the amazing female climbers associated with the highlands such as Nan Shepherd, Myrtle Simpson and Jane Inglis Clark.   

We are also queer owned and our definition of women of course includes LGBT+.   


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